Each person is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential. My approach is problem-focused, goal-oriented, and client-centered.

about sharon grossman

·  M.S., Counseling and Personnel Services, Fordham University

·  Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Fordham University

·  Licensed Psychologist (PSY26736)

I believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client. 

I am a licensed psychologist in San Francisco and the owner of Grossman Psychological Services, a private psychotherapy and life coaching practice. I specialize in helping professionals attain success in work and in life. 

Officially, my job is to help people understand the relationships amongst their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors - which is a fancy way of saying, I elevate, motivate, and celebrate the goals and successes of clients who are looking to gain control over their lives. With 15 years of experience in mental health, I am an expert in placing all of life’s puzzle pieces together and I welcome professionals who are in search of harmony.

what they are saying

"Dr. Grossman's empathy, clinical expertise, and ability to connect with clients and support them in reaching their goals has made her stand out as one of the best clinicians I have had the privilege to work with. She possesses incredible insight, compassion, and overall passion for the work that allows her to excel in her role. I would highly recommend Dr. Grossman to women working to improve their overall well-being and mental health."

- Gina Gregory, MSW

"Dr. Grossman's approach is thorough, thoughtful, and genuine. She is solution-focused, action-oriented, and works with clients to help them identify and achieve their goals in a way that is a skillful mix of supportive and motivational."

- Pamela Greenberg, MA, MFT

"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Sharon Grossman and have learned so much by the integrity in which she works with clients. Dr. Grossman is by far one of the most dedicated, thorough, and truly caring therapists I have ever worked with. She treats all of her clients and their families with the utmost respect and goes above and beyond in helping to guide them resolve their issues. Professionally, Dr. Grossman has a lot to offer to the field and I would send clients to her without reservation!"

- Erin Gillung, MA, MFTi

"I had the wonderful privilege of working alongside Dr. Grossman for three years.  I was always inspired by her incredible work ethic and natural talent as a therapist.  She is dedicated to her clients and works alongside them to help them achieve their goals.  I happily refer clients to her regularly."

-Valerie Alt, MSW

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